Seriously what is it?? Simply put, Alchemy was known as the process of turning led into gold but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Let’s look a little deeper. Why would someone want to turn to led into gold? Well that’s easy, wealth. But again, let’s not be shallow. There’s a deeper element. Wealth can equate to bettering one’s self. Wealth can mean improvement, health, vitality, and happiness. A true Alchemist is not interested in making money off of the gold formally known as led; they want to transform something. Transformation. That’s the word that makes all of this a little simpler. Alchemy is transformation.

So digital alchemy….transforming media? No. Using the world’s digital resources to transform. Transform what? Anything.

When I think of the digital world, I think of Epcot in Disney World. When I was a kid, I loved going on Spaceship Earth, the ride inside of the big golf ball. The ride took you from the past to the future. Towards the end, you would see a young American boy with a cowboy hat in front of a computer. The computer screen showed a young Asian girl. Later, you would see that same girl on her computer and the same young boy on her computer screen. This part of the ride was showing the future and what the future held was what we know today as Facetime.

Today, if you go on that same ride in Disney World, you won’t see those young children on their computers because it is no longer the future. It is the present. Through digital alchemy, anything is possible. Throughout this course, I am excited to see what changes I am capable of using the idea of alchemy and the amazing digital resources to which I am privileged to have access.