So, I don’t encounter many faces in the inanimate objects around my house but there are distinct in my fireplace that I’ve noticed since I was a child.

This is my fireplace.

fireplace My fireplace is made of several bricks of different colors. From this angle, it may seem like your every day run of the mill fireplace but let’s look more closely.

americaAnd crown thy good with firewood! Yep, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest country on earth embedded in the bricks of my fireplace. I’ve noticed this particular brick since I was a little girl and was always fascinated by the perfect illustration of Florida’s peninsula and Maine’s jagged point.


Well “moth” my words, isn’t that the most perfect set of wings you’ve ever seen? I always pictured this brick as a moth setting itself down after flying. It’s wings, exhausted, fold over itself as it rests for it’s next flight. It even has a birthmark on it’s right wing.

The world is full of wonders and they’re hiding where you’d least expect them!