For those of you who don’t know me, I would love to share a little something about myself. I am a busy busy bee! In fact, I have both an English name (Brooke) and a Hebrew name, which is Devorah. In Hebrew, Devorah means bumble bee so it is only fit that I should have a hectic schedule and a great love for honey!

So, here’s an inside look into my life. I work full time and usually pull at least a 40 hour work week. In addition to this, I take 5 classes and maintain a 3.9 GPA. Oh and you know that adorable boyfriend I talked about? He lives an hour away too. And school, work, and boyfriend are all at least 30 minutes away from each other. (BTW if someone is reading this and saying “oh please I do way more than that”, please talk to me I would love to pick your brain cause I’m dying over here)

So why am I blogging about this? During week 3, I had 2 papers due in addition to my other assignments and only 1 day off to do all of it. For this reason, my alchemy blog was awful. It wasn’t even a blog! I literally posted a link to my Flickr story and said something like I loved doing this bla bla bla check it out. Come on….horrible. Everyone needs a catch up every one in a while so I’m blogging mine.

Here are the pictures I had to work with:


This is what I wrote:

(1)”Daddy! Daddy!”, my daughter yells to me. She wants to sit behind the wheel of my new car. The engine is off. It’s in the driveway. What’s the harm? I lift her up and she giggles. I blow a raspberry on the exposed part of her belly. She laughs more. I place my daughter down on the drivers seat. She scootches herself up to the dashboard and peers out the window. “Look at me daddy! I’m a big girl!”
(2) I think to myself this won’t last forever. Her innocence and her constant love and admiration for me. Wow. Some day she’ll really be behind the wheel of a car. Will she still draw me pictures at school? Like the one I have hanging in my office.
(3) Will she still want to untangle the Christmas lights with me every year? Or will she tire of our daddy daughter traditions?
(4) Will she still have that same creative mind that I love so much? Like during our family vacation to the grand canyon when she found a pile of rocks. Her mother told her not to play with them but she didn’t see rocks. She saw art. She spelled out her initials. N. N. I have such a smart little girl.
(5) “Daddy I’m a big girl!” She yells again. I lift her out of the car and place her back on her feet. “Yes you are princess”, I say as I notice she’s about to step in a puddle in the drive way. I lift her up and over it. “But you’ll always be my baby.”

After I posted this, Alan pointed out that I lacked a response and he was so right! There were a few questions he asked and I would like to take the time, now, to answer them.

  1. Did I have the little girl in mind from the start? – I write best when I’m writing narratives, so I chose pictures with concrete images. Like the little girl, and the Christmas lights. The picture with the initials kind of stumped me. They looked like rocks but they looked like desert rocks, not rocks that you would find in your backyard. I immediately thought Grand Canyon.
  2. What helped me weave the story together? – It was mainly that I had been given good pictures but also the narrative capability. I saw a little girl, a picture, Christmas lights, initials, and some body of water. The image of a little girl in the driver’s seat has always worked in car commercials. You know when the dad throws the keys to a toddler but when they catch it, they’re 17 and ready to get their license. That helped me come up with the idea of a father day dreaming when his daughter says, “I’m a big girl now.”
  3. What is the story behind the story? – Well, my father has always told me that no matter what, I will always be his baby. As a little girl, I would say, but dad what about when I’m 25? And he would say you will still be my baby. And I would respond with, okay but what about when I’m 50? No matter how ridiculously high the number got, the answer was always the same. I will always be his baby.

Now, in the spirit of catching up, I would also like to respond to the Finding Magic activity we did in class. It was so fun. I’ve come to love our Twitter Chats. I think they are actually so fun and entertaining but also effective. My favorite part is when someone types a joke and then waits in silence because 3 seconds later, the whole class is laughing. This exercise was really cool for me because I’ve always wondered like…what if Toy Story was real? What if our toys had other capabilities? Or remember the movie, the brave little toaster? The toaster and the vacuum and the desk lamp all have these capabilities that no one would have ever though of! This exercise we did in class kind of brought that to life for me and I loved it!

I also slacked off with DDA last week. To make up for it, I have posted 4 this week! Hopefully, everyone has a chance to check them out. Thanks for tuning into my rant people! Have an amazing week 🙂