I actually love memes. Like, I use them very frequently. In face, I will see someone make a face and come up with a meme caption in my head. I really love memes. But anyway, we did an exercise in class that put us in order from chaotic to orderly. This was great because it made me feel better that other people are also not totally on track so I felt ever so slightly less dysfunctional. I was smack dab in the middle and more towards the chaotic. I feel like I get it, there’s just a lot to do and I find myself falling behind easily.

In class, we made gifs and memes. Have I told you guys I love memes? Well, I do.

My favorite meme is the one with Kermit the frog drinking iced tea. kermit.jpg

Yep, this is literally my favorite meme of all time.

I love that this course is socially relevant. Memes are a big part of how we communicate and it’s nice to be able to create Gifs and Memes from Educational recourses.