It’s interesting after watching the Pepsi commercial that I am actually noticing the conflicts in our daily lives more. My thought is…


What, instead of Pepsi, can actually help the conflicts the world has. I would like to say acceptance, patience, tolerance, love, and kindness. But I can’t hand someone a can of kindness although it would probably be delicious.

The world needs a code word. Or an object. My boyfriend and I have a code word when we both need to just chill out and stop and remember what’s really important. We don’t use it frequently but sometimes when he’s had a long day and I’ve had a long day, we will end up in a huge argument over something as stupid as where to go for dinner. But I mean like holy shit they’re about the break up…that kind of argument. And then as soon as one of us realizes how dumb it is, they say the word and we both stop, take a breath, kiss and move on. It’s a wake up call like snap out of it.

I know how ridiculous I sound. The world can’t have a code word. But wouldn’t it be nice if it could?

The commercial has made me more aware of things in life that need “Pepsi”. That magical item that stops the world and says hey, don’t be dumb.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

End rant.